Monday, June 8, 2009

Fireball-Free Films (summer preview)

I know I spend a lot of time raging against the excesses of Hollywood, but a little looking ahead to the movies coming soon gave me cause to hope.
So here's a little list of some (hopefully) smart summer flicks on the way.


As I said before, this is the Sam Rockwell pic we've been waiting for. That mess called Choke? Forget about it. Never happened. This is some prime stuff coming down the pipe. Sam plays an astronaut running out the end of his three year stint on a lonely lunar base. Then strange things happen. Talking computers & mysterious clones? Sounds good to me. Directed by the freakin-son-of-David-Bowie? Fingers crossed, looks promising.

Open in Toronto on June 3rd.

Il Divo

I recently had the pleasure of seeing this amazing movie and I now understand why Variety called it a masterpiece. Honestly. This is an amazing flick, surely to be one of my top ten of the year. An ambitious tale about the life of seven-time Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti. This is a pop-opera of crime and corruption, blood and ambition. It has the sizzle of Guy Ritchie at his best, but the stillness of classic mafia tale...(dare I say...Godfather?) Tony Servillo plays Andreotti. With a face like Henry Kissenger it's easy to underestimate the round man with the gentle voice. But behind the billboard-sized glasses is an equally oversized body count.
Do not miss this one.

Opens July 3rd in Toronto.

The Girlfriend Experience

One word. Soderbergh. The director with the limitless range is returning to his experimental roots with this one. A week in the life of a high-class escort as Wall Street starts to fracture. Starring actual porn star Sasha Grey as the escort in question. Is Soderbergh having his way with the audience again? Most likely. Will it be thought provoking? Surely.
And if you think Miss Grey is just a flesh peddler check this top 5 list out. Is she putting us on, or is she smarter than she seems?

Opens June 26th in Toronto and Montreal.

Away We Go

Directed by Sam Mendes this laid-back road trip seems to be hitting the hipsters in the right spot. It's a beautiful trailer but can Mendes deliver? Early reviews are lapping up The Office's John Krasinski's feature role. And it's co-written by some guy named Dave Eggers.

Opens in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal June 12th.
Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Victoria, Ottawa and Halifax June 19th.
(UPDATE: Saw it. Loved it. Smart, sweet and goofy. I can't believe the same man that directed Revolutionary Road did this film. Some touching moments, a lot of cringe-worthy moments, a couple killer lines and a great breakout performance by both leads.)

Whatever Works

A new film from Woody Allen. Say what you will but at this point you have to admire his sheer endurance. I'm not a Larry David fan, so I'm hedging my bets. But I did swoon over Vicky Cristina Barcelona so here's hoping Woody's still got it.

Opens June 26th.

And of course...then there's Transformers 2. Heh. No really folks, lots to look forward to. Enjoy.

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