Thursday, August 6, 2009

Embracing Your Inner Child

I'll be on air today dishing the goods on the Julie & Julia. (Oh food-related puns, where would I be without you?)

10 second verdict. Disappointingly fluffy film, but worth seeing for Meryl Streep's performance as Julia Child. No surprise there, but Streep's Child is great fun, the most comedic character she's played in years. (Quiet down about Mama Mia, it doesn't count and I didn't believe her as the hotel-running hippie.)

In the process of boning up on all things Julia I've uncovered a couple links to compliment your viewing experience. Below you can watch Julia making eggs. A simple taste of the chef's charms.

Also in case you've seen the film, and you're wondering what the real Julie Powell thinks of her on screen incarnation, you can read it here on Julie's real blog.

And finally after watching Stanley Tucci hold his own with Streep I had to go find a photo of the real husband of Julia, Paul Child. So there he is up top on the right in case you're curious. Bon Appetit.

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