Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mumbai Mo(mentum) - Post Golden Globe Thoughts

Well if things stay as predicted I think Slumdog Millionaire could become the movie to beat this year at the Oscars.
After racking up four Golden Globes tonight it certainly has momentum (as the politicos say.)

In much the same way Crash seemed a safe choice the year it won, Slumdog could win as the more sombre/serious films split the vote.

Lets say Milk, Frost/Nixon and Revolutionary Road are in the running for best pic. Then add Dark Night and Slumdog. Dark Knight is great film, but will enough people vote for something with a cape?

Slumdog is the safer choice. A great story, a great behind the scenes narrative (little film that could, this year's LIttle Miss Sunshine...yadayada) It has some serious content, doesn't pull it's punches (blinded kiddies!) but at the same time in many ways it's the kind of classic, old-fashioned epic the industry likes to believe it still makes. And of course, it ends with a dance number...bonus points there. So just like when votes were split between Capote and Brokeback Mountain and Crash came up the middle...I can see Slumdog benefiting in a similar situation.

And don't mistake my tone, I'm not complaining...just idle musing. Slumdog Millionaire is a great fun film. I wouldn't put it in my top ten, but maybe number 11. Fact is, with the Dark Knight in one corner, Slumdog in the other...this could be a very interesting Oscars.

Oh, and Mickey Rourke great was that? Although I'll admit I was a little terrified when he took the stage.

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