Thursday, January 1, 2009

"She's Coming Home to Take a Punch."

Jenny Lumet is my new hero.
(She's the one in the middle next to Anne Hathaway.)

Jenny is the screenwriter behind one of my fav pics of the year, Rachel Getting Married. She talks about the creation of the screenplay with Elvis Mitchell on his interview show "The Treatment".

Go here and listen to her interview. She's quite charming and down to earth, I think I have a bit of a writer crush now.

"She's coming home to take a punch" is how Jenny describes Anne Hathaway's character Kim's motivation. Why does Kim come home for her older sisters wedding? She knows it's an emotional train wreck waiting to happen. Kim's been in rehab and knows this will mean reopening old wounds. So why return? The easy answer is closure. Jenny Lumet doesn't buy it. Kim is coming home to get punched.

Also, Jenny gets bonus points for being a Grade 7/8 drama teacher and getting her first screenplay made. She also talks about listening and what she learned from watching her students.
Now sure, her father is Sidney Lumet. But still quite inspiring.

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