Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth's Secret Side

Well I finally figured it out.

I've been talking about Disneynature's new Earth movie all day. And all day I've been seeing the figure of 60 percent thrown around when describing how Disney reused the footage from the Planet Earth BBC series. But how could it be 60 percent? It didn't look like there was anything new there. It must be 100 percent recycled.

Well here at the bottom of a comment field on the always great Vulture pop culture blog I've think I've finally found the answer.

The answer is Disney bankrolled part of the original series in the first place. And the same team worked on both films. The Mousehouse paid for the aerial shots, and perhaps if you add all of those up you'd get something like the 40 percent of new material.

Now I can't confirm this, but gosh darn it, it feels right. So thanks Clunybrown whoever you are. And if you haven't seen it, go check out Planet Earth for a lot more than cuddly polar bears.

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