Thursday, April 23, 2009

Milton Lives! (Spolight on The Soloist)

I'll be talking about Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx's new movie The Soloist on the ray-dee-oh this Friday. Short version. Liked it. Much better than the trailer suggests and extra point to director Joe Wright for trying a couple new ideas there.

Right from the first scene of this film I got the sense this is a quality movie. Again we're in a newsroom. This time it's the Los Angeles Times. But Wright has this place down. They shot on location, in the newsroom and the atmosphere, the crosstalk sings. the point of this post. Remember Milton from Office Space?

Of course you do.

He, meaning Stephen Root makes a great little appearance in the movie as a reporter called Curt.

He's not on screen for long, but it's quality stuff.
Root is one of those actors that's always fun to watch so keep your eyes open.

All in all the cast for The Soloist is quite deep, lot of choice small roles here, this one is recommended.

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