Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Reason Not to See The Day the Earth Stood Still

There are many warning signs in the modern remake The Day the Earth Stood Still.

-The ridiculous opening scene where we meet Keanu Reeves as a intrepid mountain climber who discovers a giant glowing sphere.

-The scene when the same giant sphere arrives in Central Park and the brightest brains on right up to thing...arriving 5 minutes before the army.

And finally there's our friend, James Hong. The appearance of James is rarely a good sign. James is the go-t0-guy for when a script says "elderly Asian man enters."

In The Day the Earth Stood Still, Hong plays Mr. Wu. Klaatu/Keanu meets Mr. Wu in a McDonald's. Wu first establishes his ethnicity by having his son get him a tea. Then carefully sipping his McDonald's beverage he talks about how humanity is doomed, can't change to save itself (he's an Alien like Klaatu.) And then, Wu entirely contradicts himself talking about how much he loves his human family and intends to stick around.

This is just the latest in a string of underwhelming roles for Hong.
Mr. Ping. Mr. Takato. Dr. Fong. Professor Chang. That's just a taste of Hong's long bio.

I'm sure he's a lovely fellow in person. And's he's obviously got the generic Asian actor market cornered....but for me a Hong sighting is a sign of lazy casting and weak writing. Do yourself a favour, go see Wall-E instead.

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