Monday, December 1, 2008

Vroom! (Car Chases)

Couldn't help linking this list of greatest car chases from The Times Online.

Perhaps because they include Cannonball Run.
A movie I have fond memories of. I'm sure if I saw it today that would be ruined. I prefer to wallow in nostalgia.
Bonus points to the Times for including Blues Brothers and Ronin. Extremely different but both satisfying.
Points off for the Quantum of Solace chase...yawn. The anti car chase (if you know what I mean) in Casino Royale was better. Also ... The Matrix Reloaded?
If you're too tired to click I'll save you the trouble. Number one is Bullitt. Which I have to say, I've watch and I didn't find it amazing. It's no Duel. Heresy I know.

Add your favs in comments. For the moment I'd have to go with The French Connection.

Not the most original choice I know, but everything else seems derivative.


Derek said...

c'mon no love for the Matrix Reloaded I get that Revolutions was a horrible movie but Reloaded was great. Also no mention of one of your fave movies, "The Chase"? Not really a car chase movie but "C'├ętait un rendez-vous" is awesome.

Eli Glasner said...

I actually had to go look up The Chase.
Charlie Sheen.
Did I mention Flea?
What's not to like?
(I am so ashamed.)

Eli Glasner said...

the chase trailer
couldn't help myself