Saturday, December 6, 2008

Convincing Doubt

Damn that's a good poster.

Pretty decent movie too.
It's all about ceremony and certitude.
The setting is the St. Nicholas school, 1964.

Philip Seymour Hoffman
is Father Flynn. A captivating charming presence in the church.
And of course prowling up the pews is Sister Aloysius Beauvier.
Meryl Streep as the Nun of your nightmares.

I wont go too much into the movie. The setting is sparse, almost sterile. Accordingly the acting looms large.

Putting Hoffman and Streep up against each other is the acting equivalent of a World Wrestling Title Match. They don't disappoint. Lucky for us because the writer/director John Patrick Shanley could have done better...relying too heavily on skewed angles and mother nature to underscore a drama that doesn't need the help. (In case you're wondering the last film Shanley directed was Joe Versus the Volcano.)

Still, I'm quibbling. Fine stuff. And one of the strongest endings I've seen in a while. Though I don't think she'll win an Oscar for it.

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