Friday, May 8, 2009

All About Abrams (and Star Trek)

It's offical.

I have a creator crush on JJ Abrams.

He's the director of the new fan-freaking-tastic Star Trek.

Preparing for my cbc radio reviews today I've been boning up on my Abrams.

I watched his interview on Charlie Rose where he talks about giving B-Movie ideas the A-Movie treatment. (ie Cloverfield.)

He also talks about his general disdain of the Trek cannon and how sequels rip off the wrong stuff.

Then I watched the TED talk he gave on his mystery box. It's a magic box he bought in a magic story. He's never opened it because the possibilities of what is contains are stronger than what could actually be inside. Abrams talks about Lost, Stars Wars and the Graduate, relating them all to the mystery box.

Finally, for bonus points there's this article from the Guardian that covers his roots as a young filmmaker fooling around with Super8.

All in all he strikes me as a smart entertainer, Michael Bay but better. It doesn't hurt that he started as a writer, all his creations show that devotion to character, even in the midst of all that action. (We'll just keep the fact that he wrote Armageddon to ourselves.)

Heck with all this Abrams action, I may have to start watching Lost.


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Derek said...

LOST is worth watching. Try to pick up this past month's issue of WIRED. Abrams is the guest editor.