Friday, May 29, 2009

Critics Against 3-D

Well seems I'm in good company with my complaint about Pixar's new movie Up.

Let's be clear, Up is another elegant, uplifting animated movie. A movie only Pixar could tell, with classic characters, sumptuous visuals and talking dogs flying biplanes. (Really!)

It's also Pixar's first film in 3-D. Which brings me to my point. If you love animation, the way I love animation I'm recommending you do not go see the film in 3-D.

Why? Because what you gain isn't worth what you lose.

3-D is better than it used to be. No more red and blue glasses. Now we use funky polarized sunglasses. And yes, Pixar takes a restrained approach to the 3-D effects. There's no Dr.Tongue moment, no stuff flying out of the screen.

In fact the effects are SO subtle, i don't feel they're worth the bother. Pixar make beautiful images. I could write an essay on the way they portray a flashlight glowing under a blanket. So I don't want anything to come between me and that picture. 3-D has come a long way, but the result is a slightly darker, fuzzier image. If you like your picture pristine...follow the advice of Roger Ebert and Village Voice critic Robert Wilonsky. Leave the funny glasses to the horror films.


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Derek said...

Thanks, Eli. Saw this in 2D last night and it was wonderful. Saw Coraline in 3D and my eyes definitely had trouble resolving the 3D image.