Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Of Stars and Arcs...

Well I hope by now you've all been to see the lens-flare awesomeness that is Star Trek.

I'm still savouring some moments and planning to see it again.

In the meantime a couple things to pass along.

I could twitter them, but some things deserve a blog posting.

1) Screenwriter and blogger John Rogers has great rumination on how Star Trek is different. In short, he talks about how the movie defies the typical screenwriting cliches. There is no "tranformational" moment. Instead Star Trek is about what Rogers coins as the "revelatory arc". Interesting stuff.

2) Spaceship Porn. Neat history of different versions of the Enterprise over at Slashfilm.

There you go. And in case we're all too happy now, don't worry, Hollywood is hard out work on new flavours of crap. Case in point....American Gladitators the movie. Really? Really.

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