Monday, February 9, 2009

The New Cat & The International

This week's review/podcast will certainly be The International because I just saw it and there's lots to talk about.

More later but I will say, it's not the movie you think it is (or the way they're marketing it) but I'm quite confident it's better than you expect.

*minor spoiler*

There's a lot of nice, old school touches displaying a smart approach to spycraft and police work.

I'll just point out one amusing moment. In horror movies, audiences are often given a jolt, a fake scare when a cat jumps out of some room where the killer is expected.

There are no cats here, but there's a great bit around gunfight where a cellphone is the source of surprise. It's frightening and funny at the same time quite believable. A nice little grace note and one of many. Could cellphones replace cats as the new scare cliche? I wonder.

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