Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oscar Crib Notes

(pretty poster by Saul Bass)

I'll be on CBC Radio's The World This Weekend this Saturday talking about all things Oscars.Here's a couple things rattling around in my brain as i prepare.

-->The Slumdog Secret?
Inspired by an interview with director Danny Boyle but it feels true.
Slumdog Millionaire is a movie that starts with money, but ends with love. Could that be why it's the movie of the moment as we slip into the Great Recession?

-->Rourke vs Penn.
Oy this is a hard category to call. The actors (SAG) gave the trophy to Penn. So common sense dictates that large voting block will do it again, thereby giving Penn, the Oscar for best Actor.
But...Rourke is the the man of the moment. It feels like the room WANTS Rourke to win as another blogger has said. My brain says Penn, but my heart says Rourke. If I was betting, I'd bet Rourke.

(But if you ask me who is the better actor, movie to movie, I'd say Penn. Mickey Rourke is amazing in the Wrestler but it feels like his own life story is doing the heavy lifting. If Rourke didn't have such an amazing real-life arc, would the role still work? Meanwhile, Penn undeniably loses himself in the world of Harvey Milk. He is Milk. There is no Penn on that screen. Randy the Ram is a great character, but the Oscar should go to director Aronofsky for casting Mickey in the first place.)

-->Best Actress.
Could the Kate Winslet backlash be in effect? The Reader haters are coming out into the light. Hmm every show needs an upset...wouldn't it be nice if it was her?

-->Slumdog Backlash?
Well, yes and no. There is a backlash , a sizable one at this point. But enough to derail the Slumdog Oscar train? No way.

-->The Show
Should be a fun year to watch. Producers are promising to mix things up. As a recent convert to the Golden Globes broadcast, I'm hoping for a looser show with some zest. And I can't wait to see Wolvie dance.

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