Monday, February 9, 2009

What I Listen To....

Sorry it's been a little while since the last update.
To catch everyone up to date:

Coraline - Fantastic Tale with intelligent use of 3-D, leave the kids at home and go see it.

He's Just Not That Into You - Slightly better than average rom-com, weakened by too many characters. But that Ginnifer Goodwin...keep an eye on her.

Nurse. Fighter. Boy. - Very pretty. Very Slow. Lost Interest.

Now about that listening material.

Besides pimping my own podcast (search for "glasner on film" on iTunes) I get a lot of inspiration and material from other able podcasters/radio shows.

The Treatment

To call Elvis Mitchell a film critic doesn't seem right. His body of knowledge extends far beyond film. Yet it's film where his passion is often focused. Each week he sits down for one on one interviews with directors, actors, writers...he does his homework and gets the goods. It's rare I don't come away with an insight. For example, a recent interview with Sally Hawkins revealed: a) What an amazing actor she is, where "Poppy" stops and Sally begins...
b) Why Mike Leigh really does deserve an Oscar nomination for screenwriting.

The Business

How the entertainment biz works. For an industry that's short on frank talk, you can find it in regular supply here.

Creative Screenwriting Podcast

Features, long interviews with the writers people are talking about. There's a lot of bad self-help screenwriting podcasts with advice on how to hone your elevator pitch...this isn't one of them.

The most recent podcast featured a battle royale of screenwriters, SIX of the Oscar nominated screenwriters talking on stage.

The Moth
True tales told before a live audience. Great source of storytelling. The most recent episode featured a story by a firefighter that is one of best stories bar-none I've heard this year. Amazing, compact and fascinating bit of theatre.

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