Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oscars Picks - Or if you think I'm finding hyperlinks for all thoses movies you're crazy

19 out of 24 Right!
Wall-E and Viola Davis led me wrong. Should have listened to my own advice and stuck with Slumdog. Still, happy I listened to logic and stuck with Sean Penn. Hope you did good with your Oscar Pool.

Without Further Ado:

Best Picture
Will win: Slumdog Millionaire
Should win: Milk
More artful, more meaning, no dance number, but those crowd scenes...that death scene...fine stuff.

Best Director
Will win: Danny Slumdog Boyle
Should win: Christopher Nolan....oh wait that's right....grumble mutter...
Ah Gus Van Sant.

Best Actor
Will win: Sean Penn
Should win: Sean Penn (see previous comment)

Best Actress
Kate Winslet:
Should win: Anne Hathaway.
Except for Melissa Leo the rest don't much for me in this category, but I loved Rachel Getting Married so much. I don't think Anne was the best actress in it, but she's the one that's nominated...

Best Supporting Actor
Will Win: Heath Ledger
Should win: Do we really need to discuss this?

Best Supporting Actress
Will win: Viola Davis in an upset.
Should win: Wow this is a tight one. Amy Adams was great in Doubt. More mannered than Meryl Streep I think. Viola Davis was also amazing, in a can't take your eyes off her performance. Heck I liked Taraji in Benjamin Button. But in the end...this one I give to Marisa Tomei. What a brave performance. Put as much on the line as Rourke I'd say.

Best Art Direction
Will win: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Should win: Duh...The Dark Knight. Come on, tell me that film wasn't perfectly realized? Although B.Button was awfully pretty.

Best Doc Feature
Should win: Man On Wire
Will win: Man on Wire. That movie is almost life changing.

Best Doc Short
Will win: Smile Pinki
Should win: Smile Pinki, for the name alone! (Okay I'm guessing)

Best Animated Feature
Will win: Wall-E
Should win: Wall-E. A walk in the park for the robot who has a soul. Although to my surprise not everyone in the animation community agrees.

Best Film Editing
Will win: Slumdog Millionaire (snowball effect methinks...)
Should win: The Dark Knight (let my geek flag fly)

Best Original Score
Will win: Slumdog Millionaire
Should win: Slumdog Millionaire (A R Rahman did a fantastic job. Could have an effect on future scores.)

Best Cinematography
Will win: Slumdog Millionaire
Should win: The Dark Knight (i see a trend)

Best Sound Mixing
Will win: Wall-E
Should win: Wall-E . This movie is wall to wall sound created by a Hollywood legend, same guy that invented the sound of lightsabers. And he's the voice of Wall-E too. (Ben Burtt)

Best Sound Editing
Will Win: Slumdog Millionaire
Should Win: Okay, let's be a honest, I don't have a strong opinion about who did the best sound editing job. But again, snowball effect for this one me thinks.

Best Costume Design
Will win: The Duchess
Should win: The Duchess. Don't mess with the big dresses folks. And they were huge in this one. Although there should be a separate award for hair.

Best Makeup
Will win: The Dark Knight
Should win: As amazing as the Joker was....Hellboy 2 had some amazing creatures, really pushing the whole field forward. Three words: Angel of Death.

Best Short Film - Animated
Will win: Presto
Should win: I haven't seen the rest but Presto's a hoot. Classic stuff.

Best Short Film - Live Action
Will win: The Pig
Should win: Haven't the foggiest.

Best Original Screenplay
Will win: Wall-E
Should win: I want to say In Bruges just because of the originality of the material. But Wall-E deserves and will win because this is the robot's "we-couldn't-nominate-you-for-best-picture" consolation prize.
Best Adapted Screenplay
Will win: Slumdog Millionaire
Should win: Slumdog Millionaire . It is a very well constructed film, especially considering the source material.

Best Visual Effects
Will win: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Should win: Benjamin Button. Even though the Dark Knight is in this category, I did quite like Button and it wouldn't have worked unless the effects weren't flawless.

Best Foreign Language Film
Will win: Waltz with Bashir
Should win: Same, Bashir all the way. Go see this, either to rethink how to approach documentaries, or rethink the Middle East conflict.

Best Original Song
Will win: Jai Ho.
Should win: Come on, how can you not pick the Bollywood number. Jai Ho! Jai Ho! Peter Gabriel's song is nice but it can't compete.

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